Gunter Pauli

Gunter Pauli (Belgium, 1956) is a graduate in economics and holds an MBA from INSEAD. For four years he managed the company Ecover, a European manufacturer of biodegradable cleaning products. In wanting to make the economy “green”, he painfully notes that biodegradability and recyclability do not necessarily mean sustainable development.

In 1994, he created the ZERI foundation, a network of 3,000 scientists in search of pragmatic solutions to poverty, change and competitiveness. His book “The Blue Economy” was published in 2009, the result of his research for a new economic model that produce neither emissions nor waste, allowing job creation and social cohesion, and which does not cost more!

His book “The Economy of Happiness” shows the way to create innovative companies and finally achieve health and happiness for all. For him, we must create a basis on which future generations can rely to do better.

He wants to allow children to think differently, and even more, to act differently. Father of six children, it was for them that he initiated the writing of Gunter’s Fables.

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the blue economy

Be inspired by the nature that surrounds us to take just what is necessary, ensure that we operate in symbiosis with living things, coexist on the planet in harmony with the ecosystems that compose it. Here is what the Blue Economy offers (to you).


Annabelle Carneiro

Annabelle Carneiro (France, 1989), illustrator and mother of a little girl, started drawing characters as a child. With her marketing baccalaureate in hand, she joined the company of her father, who is a house painter. He teaches her his techniques and entrusts her with mural fresco projects for children’s rooms.

She conquers the hearts of parents and children by creating universes that make them travel and develop their imagination. Orders are pouring in, it’s a success!

When her daughter was born, she entered the world of children’s books and strengthened her commitment to the well-being of the planet. Then she took care of the little ones by occupying the position of animator in a crèche for seven years. In order to live fully from her passion, she decided to train in graphic design and illustration. She then launched herself as a freelancer to create portraits, book models and digital drawings.

Today, Annabelle likes to represent the world as she sees it, with humanity and pertinance to better understand and respect it. Illustrating Gunter’s Fables is the culmination of what she wishes to offer: helping the youngest to awaken and build the world of tomorrow.

Discover her universe

Portraits that combine Art and Personal Development. From individual photos, Annabelle creates unique family portraits for you, as well as portraits that reconcile with the body, and honor the path taken.

The publishing house

Blue Education

The set of books related to the Blue Economy and the work of Gunter Pauli represents such a library that no publisher was able to follow the publication agenda and put into action the values ​​of The Blue Economy.

So we made the choice to create a publishing house, in order to promote and distribute works related to the Blue Economy. This makes it possible to have the guarantee of consistency between form and content and to prioritize projects that would have not necessarily seen the light of day in a traditional dynamic.

We wish to develop partnerships with schools and also in favor of education at home.

We make every effort to translate Gunter’s Fables into local languages ​​in order to make them accessible to populations who need knowledge for more autonomy and emancipation.

Led by Axel Rihs, Marie-Camille Masse, Annabelle Carneiro and Pierre Dufraisse, Blue Education is also supported by many volunteers to make Gunter’s Fables available in as many languages ​​as possible and distributed to our children from their earliest years. age.

Marie-Camille Masse

Pierre Dufraisse

Axel Rihs

Marie-Camille Masse

Marie-Camille is the little fairy of the Blue Economy, she has always been passionate about books and wants to invest in the education of children, she can contribute in both areas directly with Blue Education.

Pierre Dufraisse

Pierre, naturopathy, philosopher and coach, he is the founder of Center Naturopathie & Hormèse and accompanies many athletes in understanding and developing their performance.

Axel Rihs

Axel, acting in the shadows, he ensures the proper functioning of the entire project. Having the desire to bring his stone to the building, he contributes to the development of the Blue Economy and alternative health.