Stone Paper

Paper from Stone

Summary of the Fable

How can paper be made without cutting down trees and using less water? A monkey and an owl discuss their different ways of making paper, especially from rock dust. The innovative stone paper technology frees up agricultural land and creates new jobs.

Summary of the Fable



Stone Paper: ecological and innovative


Stone Paper is a material of mineral origin with unique environmental characteristics. Its manufacture requires neither water nor wood. It is an innovative support with many advantages.

It is made with 100% recycled materials and is infinitely recyclable. It is composed of 80% limestone powder (offcuts and quarry waste) and 20% High Density Polyethylene (recycled HDPE – non-toxic resin for food use). For some papers, the production process represents a saving in water consumption equivalent to 500,000 liters per 1 tonne. This means that Stone Paper could be a major innovation to support in order to meet the challenges related to drinking water. Stone Paper also allows significantly lower CO2 emissions than plastic (900 kg of CO2 saved per ton produced). In addition, it does not cut!

Made without water

on touch

Lower CO2 emission
than plastic

Insensitive to insects
and fungi.

Made without wood

Naturally Waterproof
and grease resistant.

Compatible with food use (certified 1935/2004)

Stronger than
traditional paper

Entrepreneur who inspired the Fable


Mr. WILLIAM LIANG began his career as a machine builder. In 1990 he had the idea of ​​producing a new type of paper. The arrival of paper made from plastic prompted him to push the logic a little further: the manufacture of paper from crushed stones. He was initially greeted with disbelief, but after a decade of hard work, he succeeded in producing Stone Paper by mixing fine mineral dust with a high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

He also demonstrated that 80% stone could be supplemented with 20% natural polymers. It took almost ten more years to develop the machines, which allowed Mr. Liang to realize his dream of reinventing paper on an industrial scale. The first major production facility was inaugurated in 2013 in Shenyang, China. Its success as an environmentally friendly paper requiring neither water nor cellulose has led mining companies to decide to invest in additional facilities in China.

As stone paper can be recycled indefinitely, it offers a fundamental solution by providing people with a product in high demand, while converting an environmental cost into a clean-up operation.

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