A collection of bilingual educational books
to dream of a better world

Gunter’s Fables explain how Nature provides solutions to humanity’s challenges. As you know, as parents or teachers, there are many challenges to overcome!

Each of the 365 fables contains an incredible but true story! They are inspired by scientists or entrepreneurs. They thus address 365 educational subjects classified into seven categories: water, food, health, habitat, work, energy and education and ethics.

Children from 3 to 15 years old discover the intelligence of Nature and the fantastic world of Gunter Pauli thanks to a practical guide. Many educational tools are provided to you in the guide for parents and teachers.

To better connect and help each other around the world, Gunter’s Fables are fully bilingual. And because Nature inspires us and we love it, the entire collection is printed on stone paper : made without wood, more resistant and long-lasting!

Blue Education has published the first 5 fables related to the blue odyssey of the ship MS Porrima, the first experimental ship to sail around the world on renewable energy. Discover the limited edition box set of the first five Gunter Fables.

Box of 5 Gunter’s Fables
Limited edition

About the author

Gunter Pauli is an economist by training, entrepreneur, educator and author. He created the Blue Economy model, to better meet everyone’s basic needs, while generating value and happiness, with locally available resources. A model of abundance, regenerating, inspired by nature.
Father of six children, it is for them that he wrote the Fables. They are now distributed to children in many countries around the world.

What you will find in Gunter’s Fables

A captivating story

Each Gunter’s Fable contains a captivating story that illustrates how Nature can help find the solutions.
No heroes, all characters have a heart, strengths and weaknesses, to boost self-esteem.

A practical guide

The practical guide contains 3 sections:
“Did you know? “, “Think about it”, “Do it yourself”.
It encourages children to learn,
question and experiment.

An educational guide

The educational guide accompanies parents and teachers.
Step by step, you help children develop their intelligence and broaden their knowledge.

A practicle guide for children

The practical guide is after the story.
In a playful and illustrated way, it allows children to learn, think, ask themselves the right questions, then take action.
Children become actors in their learning and actors in a better world.

"Did you know?"

Illustrated information to access new ideas, develop the general knowledge and open-mindedness of the child.

"Think about it"

Encourage the child to ask himself questions, develop his critical thinking, bring out a solution on his own.

"Do it yourself"

A practical case (DIY) makes it possible to carry out a concrete experiment, carried out by the child, to transform knowledge into knowledge.

A pedagogical guide
for teachers and parents

Positive education and learning, at home or in school, requires a radical transformation if we are to prepare future generations to meet the challenges ahead.

It is up to us to inspire children to discover the greatness of Nature, the creative spirit within them, their emotions and their ability to imagine things that will one day become reality.

The pedagogy of Gunter’s Fables guides you to develop, step by step, the five intelligences of the child: academic knowledge, emotional intelligence, arts, systems making connections and the capacity to implement.

Develop the 5 intelligences

Academic Knowledge

Deepen 10 to 50 themes classified by subject (physics, biology, history, mathematics, etc.)

Emotional Intelligence

Develop children’s empathy and their ability to recognize and express their emotions.


Develop multi-sensory learning, creativity and action through artistic activities.

Systems: making connections

Develop the ability to think, design, create and dream in (eco)-systems where everything is connected.

Capacity to implement

Take action to initiate change and develop the entrepreneurial seed in every child.

Help with language learning

Do you dream of your child learning to speak other languages ​​with joy and ease ? All of Gunter’s Fables are written in 2 languages, always including English. Children and parents can thus out of curiosity: compare words, pronounce them and play jumping from one language to another.

A very effective method that has proven itself since students who have never practiced English have acquired more than a hundred vocabulary words after a year of study with Gunter’s Fables.

365 topics classified in 7 categories







Education & Ethics

Books printed in France on Stone Paper

Did you know ?

Ecological and innovative, Stone Paper is a new material of mineral origin with unique characteristics. It is a material made with 100% recycled materials. It is composed of 80% limestone powder (offcuts and quarry waste) and 20% High Density Polyethylene (recycled HDPE – non-toxic resin for food use). It brings many benefits.

Turning waste into a resource that respects Nature is one of the principles of the Blue Economy.We are very proud of our printing company, the Breton company Armen Paper which promotes Stone Paper in France.

Made without wood


Stronger than
traditional paper

Made without water

Lower CO2 emissions
than plastic

on touch

Stories to dream of a better world

How can paper be made without cutting down trees and using less water?
A monkey and an owl discuss their different ways of making paper, especially from rock dust. The innovative stone paper technology frees up agricultural land and creates new jobs.

A new global educational approach

Gunter’s Fables are part of a planet-wide educational goal: that children interact together inspired by Nature to allow humanity to progress in peace and harmony. This is one of Gunter Pauli’s objectives through the projects of ZERI (Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives) as well as The Blue Economy and of course Gunter’s Fables.

Gunter’s Fables is also heavily developed into a nationwide program in China. Gunter Pauli thus accompanies tens of thousands of teachers in the use of Gunter’s Fables in the classroom.

Across the 5 continents, Gunter’s Fables have been distributed, adapted and translated thanks to the involvement of many parents and volunteers inspired by Prof. Pauli’s vision.

© European Union

One of the emblems of these actions is the ship Porrima, whose name comes from the protective goddess of pregnant women. An experimental and innovative ship, having circumnavigated the planet several times with solar energy and which currently operates with a mixed energy using: water, wind and sun, all thanks to a Kite, hydrogen and solar panels. You will discover in Gunter’s Fables the stories of these initiatives and adventures.

Porrima was also highlighted on the poster dedicated to the program “United in diversity”! carried by the European Union, which works for education throughout Europe.

Powered by Blue Education

The Blue Education publishing house carries the values ​​of the Blue Economy. It is dedicated to the management, dissemination and promotion of the works of Gunter Pauli in France and internationally.

Children are the future. It is our responsibility to prepare them for the challenges that await them: to take care of humanity and the planet.

This is why Blue Education has embarked on the major project of bringing together, standardizing and updating Gunter’s Fables. And allow them to be a resource for future generations.

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