Gunter Pauli (Author)

Gunter PAULI (1956) obtained his masters in business administration from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France. His entrepreneurial activities span business, culture, science, politics and the environment. Under his leadership, a small European company pioneered an ecological factory. He founded the "Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives" (ZERI) at the United Nations University in Tokyo, and subsequently established The Global ZERI Network, redesigning production and consumption into clusters of industries inspired by natural systems. He is dedicated to design and implement a society and industries, which respond to people’s needs using what is available. His latest initiatives include the redesign mining, urban development and economic growth based on happiness and competitiveness. Fluent in seven languages, and having lived on four continents, he is a world citizen. By 2011 he has published 19 books (written 15 and edited 4), and 36 fables bringing science and emotions to children, which have been published in +30 languages. He is father of five sons, one daughter and married to Katherina Bach.

Contact      +27 (083) 3632114

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